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Getting kids to aim straight in the toilet

Struggling to teach your little one how to aim at the toilet correctly? From toilet targets to general tips, find all the best advice at Baby Soft®.

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Healthy Toilet Habits with Amanda Jenner

Learn all about healthy toilet habits to help your children become clean and confident with founder of the Potty Training Academy, Amanda Jenner.

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How to keep the family toilets tidy

Toddlers, children and teenagers alike often leave bathrooms in a mess. Visit Baby Soft® for a guide and bathroom checklist to keep your toilets tidy.

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All your toilet training questions answered

Amanda Jenner took to Mumsnet to answer all your questions about potty and toilet training – from how to keep them on the toilet to dealing with untidy teenagers.

We have collected the best questions from that session here.

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The effects of lockdown on toilet training

Many parents have seen their children’s potty training regress during lockdown. We take a closer look as to why this is happening and what parents can do to help.

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