Getting kids to aim straight in the toilet

How to get kids to aim straight into the toilet

Whether you have a toddler trying their hand at using the potty or a lazy teenager who just can’t quite keep it inside the toilet, getting your child to aim properly when using the toilet can be a bit of a challenge. Things can get messy all too quickly, and what’s worse than having to wipe up pee – especially when it’s not your own?

Never fear, there are a few methods to help you teach your little ones how to aim in the toilet and give your kids a lesson in toilet etiquette. From toilet targets stickers to rewards, your days of begging your little ones to please aim for the toilet will soon be a thing of the past. 


Ways to improve their aim for the toilet

When boys graduate to the toilet and start to stand up instead of sitting down, one thing they need to be taught is how to aim. Oddly, many teenage boys don’t seem to have learned this skill, so they can sit in on this lesson too. Here are some tools to assist with aiming for the toilet:

Toilet aiming and target stickers

Designed to bring fun to toilet time, while teaching little ones how to aim properly, toilet training stickers help your little one focus on a target stuck to the bowl of the toilet. They’re reusable and should last a few flushes. Make sure you use protective gloves and then pop them deep inside the toilet, so no pee splashes up.


Reward tactics

Younger kids often learn best when a reward is involved, giving them an incentive to do what they’re being asked and providing positive reinforcement. Consider using a star chart reward system, giving them a gold star every time they pee in the toilet correctly. When they collect enough stars, reward them – this could be anything from a toy to a day out as a family or a treat you know they enjoy.


Let them sit down

You may be in a hurry to get your little one using a standard toilet, but they might not be quite ready to stand up. The solution? Let them sit down instead. This offers the best of both worlds - your little one will start learning how to use the toilet at their own pace, and you won’t have to clean up after them. Get a stool to help them climb up on to the toilet and use a seat adjuster to help them sit down without slipping or falling.


Make them feel proud by teaching them to clean up when done

Involving your child in any necessary clean up when his aim isn’t perfect might just make him try a little harder. Asking children to tidy up after themselves not only means a clean loo but also provides a sense of responsibility and pride. These qualities will be useful as they grow older and become teenagers who don’t aim properly or know how to clean up when done.


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