Our mission is to improve sustainability
  and leave a greener pawprint on our planet.

At Baby Soft® we are proud to be tackling some of the biggest environmental issues by improving the sustainability of our products, packaging and processes. As part of this vision, we will continue to work with our innovation teams and partners to look for more sustainable and eco friendly ways of working.

We only use FSC® responsibly sourced fibre.

Forest are essential to our lives. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) promotes taking care of forests, the people and wildlife who call them home. We at Baby Soft® only use FSC® responsibly sourced fibre in our products, and by doing so we join the FSC® in promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

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Approach & partnerships/ Sustainability


Baby Soft® has a number of partnerships that are committed to finding environmentally innovative solutions to help us get to a greener pawprint faster and to help improve the lives of communities in South Africa

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