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Printable Potty Training Chart

The Baby Soft® Printable Potty Training Chart

Keeping track of your child’s potty training progress using a potty training method can be fun with our printable potty training reward chart. Track how they’re doing and give them rewards along the way to keep them motivated .  

Download the PDF, print it off, and stick it up in the bathroom or their bedroom – somewhere they’ll see it regularly to remind them to use the potty and the rewards they can get. 

How to use the chart as a potty training method:

  • Every time your child uses the potty correctly, let them fill in a box with a sticker or coloured marker.
  • When they fill a row, mark it off and give them a reward (like a sweet, biscuit, or a special sticker).
  • Increase the rewards for each row, with an extra-special treat when the entire chart is full.


When they’ve completed one chart, you can always print off another and use different stickers to keep their momentum going.   

Explain to your little one how the potty training chart, stickers, and rewards work to get them excited about using their potty and toilet tissue properly. Seeing their chart fill up and the sense of achievement they receive with each reward should help improve their potty use.


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