Wiping Guide For Babies And Toddlers

Wiping guide for babies and toddlers

Knowing how to wipe your bum is a huge part of keeping it clean, healthy, and comfortable. The Baby Soft® wiping guide can help parents teach bottom wiping techniques to toddlers and give new parents advice on how to clean a baby’s bum properly. Take a look at our different guides to find all the help and advice you need. Whether you’re preparing for a new arrival or about to embark on a potty training adventure, proper wiping techniques are a vital part of this process.

Young skin is especially sensitive, so learning to wipe your baby’s bum properly is key to keeping skin clean, healthy and comfortable.

You can get all the guidance on bottom wiping techniques for little ones and young children below.


Wiping guide

Teaching children how to wipe

Potty training is a huge milestone in any toddler’s life. Our wiping guide gives you plenty of hints and tips on how to teach the best wiping techniques to keep them clean, while still being gentle on their skin. Teaching them from a young age with the help of Baby Soft® Moist Toilet Tissue and Baby Soft® Toilet Tissue means your little one will feel happy and confident.

Common wiping issues

When they first start to wipe, kids can sometimes hit some hurdles. This might be refusing to wipe or wiping too hard. We run through some of the more common issues and look at ways you can teach your children how to avoid them.


How to wipe a baby

Babies’ skin is incredibly delicate and sensitive, so it can be daunting when it comes to wiping them as a new parent. We talk you through some of the best baby wiping techniques to keep your little one’s bum happy, healthy, and clean.


Baby boy care – How to wipe a baby boy

Keep your bouncing baby boy clean and comfortable with our specific top tips on wiping techniques for boys.


Baby girl care – How to wipe a baby girl

Learn the best ways to keep your baby girl feeling clean and comfortable with our top wiping tips for girls.


Learning a few simple techniques for wiping your baby properly and the techniques to teach your little one the right way to wipe their own bum, means you can both be confident that they feel clean and cared for after wiping. Baby Soft® looks forward to helping you along the way!